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Good evening,


It was delightful to reconnect with good friends this past gather, as well as establishing new friendships.  I hope everyone enjoyed their time.

I have a question regarding the councils which our Queen has created.  I was personally invited to the small council but then late in the gather, I overheard discussion about how the small council will change each gathering.  This confuses me and I wanted to inquire here before bothering the Queen with this if there was no validity to it.


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There was absolutely some ambiguity in what the structure is or should be.  I know there were some of us who thought we were going to be or might be on the council.  I know that it was proposed to the Queen that she consider rotating council members by gather, so that different perspectives can be surfaced.  I do not know what the Queen will ultimately decide and decree.  I do like the idea of sharing the responsibility.  Invariably those of that lead, will always provide guidance and support.  And to some degree, it comes back to what we think the role of the council is.  In many ways the people of these lands have rarely needed formal oversight, but I can appreciate needing some structure when the Queen is unavailable.  

I know that a goal of the Queen is to avoid the sort of corruption and abuse of power that we've seen from some nobles in the past. Rotating the council avoids that sort of abuse.  Personally, I'm a fan of allowing the responsibility to shift.  I think it will instill the fact that we are dependent upon one another and that anyone's success is not mutually exclusive.  I think it will be nice to see others shine.  I've had my day in the sun, I'm ready to see who the next great leaders are, and I'll be here to support them as they emerge.  These are just my thoughts. 

Kindest Regards