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The Werewolves/Vampires we encountered

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To all,

As all of you know, I have a particularly personal reason in needing info regarding this topic. From what I have been told, it seemed the werewolves the town encountered Friday night were being controlled to attack the town by the vampires. I was not in town when this happened so I'm only hearing this from others. It is my understanding that werewolves hate undead. I hate undead. And if this is true and the werewolves are being controlled in some way, it makes me very uneasy. From my understanding, a werewolf's instinct is to protect their pack. Randomly attacking townspeople, while being probable for a low ranking or new werewolf, someone told me there was a larger wolf amongst those Friday night.

I'm asking that if anyone has more info on what happened Friday night if they can either share it here or if they wish to remain anonymous to send me a private missive. Any info will be appreciated.