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The Blood Queen Marches

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Good People, 

It’s with a heavy heart I write this. The lands are in the grip of the Blood Mother as her armies march quickly towards the capital city of the Dragon Empire. The Dragon Empire are steady allies of ours and I can honestly say without their aid we would not have lasted long when we first arrived here. My scouts report that the battles with which they have engaged the Blood Mother’s armies have been quick, brutal, and decisive with no soldiers from the Dragon Empire surviving any battles. Additionally, corpses mutilated beyond recognition litter the battlefield with some appearing as if they’ve been stepped on by a giant and crushed or thrown great distances. 

Even now refugees stream steadily from the Dragon Empire lands to our southern border desperate to escape the destruction. We are doing all we can for the refugees by managing the setup of food and shelter for the refugees and I'm sure more will need to be done before this is over.  Additionally, I am keeping in communication with our scouts who are attempting to track Blood Mother's advance.  Unfortunately, if any get too close they are never seen or heard from again.  Any information I gain from this, though, will be freely shared at the gather.  

Finally, a missive recently made it through from the Dragon Emperor himself asking us to rescue his family before the Blood Mother arrives to take his capital city. I believe I have a plan that can get a group in and out, but it will be risky. If any would like to assist with the rescue, please find me at the gather.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Your Servant,


Sir Melok Talias

Knight of Hidden Isles

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