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Hey, Alchemists…

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I’ve been gathering props for my alchemy lab, and it’s got me wondering just what kind of alchemists we want to be. Do we believe in things like spontaneous generation, cupping and bleeding for illness, the bodily humors? Or are we familiar with the scientific method, control groups, catalysts? Or are we somewhere in between?

On the more scientific end, I found a supply of test tubes, glass stirring rods, and a tiny glass funnel. I can find some sort of small oil burner that we could use to heat things in the test tubes with. 

On the more historically accurate side, I found a vintage brass scale with some tiny weights in drams and scruples. 

What else might an alchemy lab have? Something magic?

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For me I mostly go on the alchemist/doctor side of things.  So it is mostly scientific method and testing to try and figure out what things do.  We are in a new world right now so we are in the testing phase of trying to figure out what the various herbs (really only 1 so far but I'm sure we will find more) that we have found do.  (In fact there is a thread somewhere on this forum containing our findings so far.)  The alchemist lab that we have right now is pretty basic we some test tubes, mortar and pestle, and a few other things, so anything you would like to add to it will be great.

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I've been collecting some neat looking bottles. I lean more towards the experimental side of things, like testing stuff for effects and research on various immunity's (I.E. trying to find an immunity to silver ;)). I'm also working on craftsman other coroner. Would be interesting basic OOG research if you ask me.