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There has been a lot of discussion on the roles of leadership for our new lives here. The consensus has been to continue with the leadership we have, but improve on the form of government. Since we are no longer in any way part of the Old World, we can move forward! I have put forth the Countess Isabelle DeWinter as our new Queen. My own title of Ducal Knight no longer applies and I am to be addressed as Bart or Bartholomew until such time as our Queen sees fit to alter it. You may follow my suggestions or not, as you see fit. Hopefully I have earned , and will continue to earn, your respect.

Queen DeWinter would like to meet with the Large Council this Gather. The Large Council should consist of a representative from each group coming to the Gather. The Large Council will then appoint a Small Council to represent everyone and give all adventurers a Voice.The Small Council will report directly to the Queen for approval of policy.

Along with our new new lives comes the need for a new name! It has been put forth to call this land The Hidden Isles. Henceforth, we are now part of the Hidden Isles and will make our place here among our new neighbors. Our Policy is one of co-operation and acceptance whenever possible and to defend and protect ourselves and our allies.

I look forward to seeing everyone again at the upcoming Gather. We can join together and forge a new life in these new lands, The Hidden Isles! Travel Safely!



Faithful to Queen DeWinter and The Hidden Isles


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I know that times are different, and things have changed immensely with our departure from the Old World that we all new.

This being true and apparent. I say this

" My sword is yours, my honor is yours and my heart is of these Isles. If ever you need me to answer

those that threaten our lands. You know how and where to reach me. "

With Respect and deepest honor,

Valratha the wanderer