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The gather began with a flash of light as a portal opened near the tavern.  We approached to see a person running from the portal clutching something.  It turned out he had an egg sack from some sort of insectoid creature.  Someone had hired him to run through the portal and collect the egg before returning.

We moved to the portal in time to see various large insects coming through the opening.  The creatures were strong, much stronger than their size would indicate, and when we went through the portal we saw that the insects were much larger on the other side of the portal, some towering 40 to 50 feet into the air, and only shrink once they passed through the portal.  The decision was made to shut the portal, and while some mistakes were made the portal did finally shrink and disappear.


The next day we woke and found that strange creatures that seemed to be some mutant form of Sea Elf were attacking the city and surrounding lands.  The ambassador of the Sea Elves contacted us, and asked for our help finding a Sea Elf who was connected to the reincarnation process.  We connected this to the Husk problem we were having and went to find her.

These “Husks” were causing trouble in a lot of places, and we tracked them down to a few areas.  In one they seemed to have congregated around an outpost of House Tellias.  It seemed to have no connection to the Husks though, so we continued on until we found the site where these creatures seemed to be forming.  The missing Sea Elf seemed to be creating them using some machine that we could not recognize.  The machine exploded, destroying it, and we pulled the Sea Elf from the debris.

We managed to heal and revive her, and it turns out she was trying to fix the reincarnation process that has been broken ever since the Blood Mother attacked.  We couldn’t figure out what the problem was with their previous process, but we found that the Sea Elves were mortally afraid of our Earth Circle, visions of a creature from the deep bothering them if they even stepped inside.

In the afternoon the Father of Magic visited us, telling us that his library had been broken into, and asking if we could help him recover the key to this section of the library.  At the same time creatures that seemed to be an amalgam of machine and animal attacked us, seeming interested in collecting samples of various creatures and even spirits.  We managed to fight them off, and some of our party recognized them as creations of the Technomancer.

We finally managed to go after the Father of Magic’s key, going to a strange building that had more of the machine/animal hybrids.  We fought them, and managed to escape with the key, allowing the Father of Magic to give us access to new schools of magic and abilities we had never seen before.  They didn’t teach us the magic right off, but pointed us to people and places where we might learn.