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Hello and greetings to all my Hidden Isles family

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Some of you may know me and for the rest my Name is Trey. I played a dark elf named Valratha and Human named William. I however mostly hung in the shadows and worked for the game as various baddies that were there to terrorize... I mean entertain you and make your game exciting. I hope i achieved that goal : because after all i was ever only really there to have fun and make sure all the players had fun as well. I miss my family and it is my hope to return this upcoming event and terrorize er uh I mean entertain all of you once again.

In all seriousness I love this group of players and would care if we called the game " That fantasy game in South Carolina" or " Stev, anne and adams game" or " running around in the woods hitting people with foam padded weapons and screaming like banshees in South Carolina" . I would still come and enjoy the company of friends.

Until next we meet


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Can't wait to see you at the next LARP.